Readings and healings can be done in person at my clinic on the Central Coast in N.S.W., Australia, or at a distance.  The results of your session will be identical whether conducted in person or at a distance.  I  work with people locally, interstate and internationally.

Distance readings can be conducted by telephone or by skype. Distance healings take the same amount of time as they do in person.  You will need to lay down somewhere quiet and comfortable where you will not be disturbed.  I will contact you before the session begins to discuss what may occur.  When the healing is finished I will again contact you to discuss what has occurred.

If your appointment is in person and you wish to have a recording then you will need to bring a USB with you.  Recordings of any distance readings will be emailed to you at the end of the appointment.


The minimum time for a reading is 30 minutes.  Any time after this will be charged according to the time taken.

  •  Healings and holistic healing:  AU$100 per hour
  •  Readings and psychic profiling:  AU$120 per hour