Kathryn is an exceptionally gifted intuitive therapist with over 35 years experience in the health and healing fields.

She is a spiritual and energy healer, medical intuitive, spiritual counsellor, psychic, medium and intuitive profiler.

Her background as a Naturopath, Homeopath and Registered Nurse enhances and grounds her work as an Intuitive and Healer. Her focus is on empowering her clients in a non-judgemental environment that promotes healing and transformation.

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Psychic Readings
Gain insight and direction. General intuitive, medical intuitive, core issues, counselling, body scan, psychic medium.
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Psychic Healings
A fantastic way to alleviate feeling stressed, stuck or overwhelmed. Psychic, energy, spiritual and holistic healing.
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Psychic Profiling
Receive deep insight that will enable you to manage people and situations in the most effective way.
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Would you benefit from a psychic and intuitive reading or healing?

Do you:

  • feel stressed or overwhelmed?
  • feel stuck, indecisive or lack motivation?
  • need some insight and direction?
  • want to know what is causing and maintaining your issue, problem or illness?
  • have health issues that won’t resolve or defy diagnosis?
  • frequently feel anxious and fearful?
  • have addictions?
  • want to understand and let go of dysfunctional core issues?

Are you resisting change? Do you:

  • keep repeating the same thoughts, feelings or behaviours even though you don’t want to?
  • know what you want to do, but can’t seem to do it?
  • feel frustrated, guilty or ashamed because of this?
  • want to let go of this resistance and move forward?

“…it was quite a leap to visit Kathryn but it has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.”
D.C., Norah Head
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“Panic attacks…alcohol and drug abuse…insanity…today I am clean and sober and no longer hide from myself or others..I am eternally grateful for your help, wisdom and kindness Kathryn.”
A.M., Green Point
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