The following testimonials are genuine.  Clients full details have been omitted in order to protect their privacy.

When I first met Kathryn over 17 years ago, she was a gifted naturopath and homeopath with an extensive nursing background.  I noted then that she was able to intuitively determine undiscussed aspects of her patients health issues, particularly with regard to the underlying blocks that were preventing healing.

Over the years, I have recommended hundreds of my patients to Kathryn and also sought her professional assistance in dealing with some of my own challenging issues.  I am repeatedly impressed by the uncanny accuracy of her insight, the effectiveness of her treatment as well as her kind, compassionate and approachable manner.  Kathryn is a unique and highly effective practitioner whose years of training, clinical experience and positive results make her the best in her field.

J.M. Naturopath and Homeopath, Wyoming, Australia

Whenever life becomes too busy and overwhelming I know I can go and see Kathryn to lift the burdens with a healing which leaves me relaxed, refreshed and motivated.  She also offers guidance and practical support that allows me to move forward with renewed enthusiasm in my day-to-day life.

M.D. Berowra, Australia.

I have been a client of Kathryn Elliot for the past few years.  Her expertise has enabled me to confront and work through so many personal issues, in such a supportive and nurturing environment that I can never thank her enough.

I first went to Kathryn with a medical problem, irritable bowel syndrome, I no longer suffer from this but that’s not the best bit!  The best bit is that through working with Kathryn I have developed a much deeper understanding of my issues, developed more compassion for myself and have been taught a whole range of ‘tools’ to use to keep my self-development going.

As a professional woman with a strong tendency towards logic and intellectualism it was quite a leap to visit Kathryn but it has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  I have no hesitation in recommending her to you.

D.C.  Norah Head, Australia.

Kathryn has an incredible loving presence.  She uses her dynamic and gifted abilities to allow me to open up and find the answers that lie behind my roadblocks and reservations.  Any time I have spent with Kathryn has been an eye opener to the things I tend to block out or not see.  Kathryn has helped me overcome anxiety and more recently she has helped me with career direction and underlying causes surrounding weight gain.

M.B. Hunters Hill, Australia.

Panic attacks, hallucinations, paranoid delusions, suicidal thoughts, hoplessness, fear, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, violence and self harm, insanity etc., etc.  This was my life for many years.  I felt there was no end to this hell.  Extremely self conscious and riddled with fear and self doubt, I searched for an answer.  Doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, cognitive therapists and even an exorcism was attempted to rid me of the dread and insanity.

I then came across a lady called Julie.  She is a naturopath and homeopath and after she heard my story she recommended I see Kathryn as she felt I would greatly benefit.  I can honestly say that when I first saw Kathryn my life changed from that moment and has been changing ever since.

It has truly been a journey of tears, hope, courage and joy.  I have become part of the world again.  I am no longer living in a dungeon plagued by a thousand fears.  I no longer get panic attacks, hallucinations etc., I’m clean and sober and I no longer hide from people or myself.

These are things I never felt were possible but today I am living it.  Today I am a kinder person.  Today I am more loving.  Today I am able to love others.  But most importantly, today I am able to love myself.  I am eternally grateful for your help, wisdom and kindness Kathryn.  Thankyou for being my teacher.

A.M. Green Point, Australia.

When I have had a question or problem Kathryn has always been able to offer clear advice and help in her readings which have given me insight and a better understanding of how to deal with the issues affecting my life.  I have sought her assistance with a number of intense and challenging situations and her readings and healings have helped me to cope and move forward with my life over the past ten years.  I now run a successful business and Kathryns help has been invaluable.

R.B. Newcastle, Australia

I went to Kathryn at a time in my life when I didn’t like who I was becoming.  I was aware that I was angry, I felt powerless, I was afraid of many things, I continued to repeat the same problems in relationships and needed the approval of people around me, especially men, and while I had worked on “myself” for a number of years I didn’t feel as if I was identifying the underlying problems.

In the work I undertook with Kathryn I came to understand, like and trust myself, I faced my past and came to accept the person I was.  I became less of a people pleaser and a calmer and more peaceful individual.  Through Kathryn’s help my purpose in life has become clearer to the extent that I have begun a small business doing things I love.

Kathryn uses talking and counselling in her healing processes and the insights and intuitive visions she offers into the human heart, the mind and the human psyche are extraordinary.

If you seek a deeper understanding of yourself, an overview of your life or just an answer to a troubling question then I would recommend Kathryn in a heartbeat.

K.S. Gosford, Australia.

Seeing Kathryn has literally changed my life.  When I first went to her, I can only say that I was a mess.  Bad relationship, family problems, health issues and my life seemed to be going around in circles.  I had tried many other avenues of therapy but I still couldn’t break free of my old patterns.  Kathryn’s insight and healing helped me to identify these patterns clearly and actually start to change them.  I can honestly say that my life is now hugely better than it has ever been and I feel calm and happy within myself.  Thankyou Kathryn.  You have my deepest gratitude.

J.R. Wyoming, Australia.

What a wonderful and uplifting experience it is when one discovers their inner truths, what serves them and what doesn’t.  And then to be able to work with and conquer those old belief systems is both enlightening and empowering.

I have worked with Kathryn for some time now and cannot praise her work enough.  From the intuitive sessions to the gentle healings, all is revealed in this amazing journey as you discover yourself.  Kathryn teaches you how to resolve and work with these issues in your life and how to move forward, free of the restrictions of the past.  I cannot recommend this work highly enough, it has changed my life completely.

S.H. The Entrance, Australia.

Kathryn’s readings and healings have helped me clear and process old emotional blocks and emotional patterns that have kept me stuck.  I have found her readings insightful, accurate and extremely helpful in understanding emotional and mental patterns that created fear and doubt in my life.  She offered useful and practical exercises that I could do to assist clearing and changing old ways of operating.

Kathryn’s healings are nurturing and very powerful and effective.  They have helped me shift suppressed emotions out of my body, and heal physical illness in my body.  Kathryn is extremely knowledgable in relation to emotional patterns from childhood, and how these can transfer to the present day.  She reads energy with absolute precision and accuracy.  She applies that knowledge with wisdom.  She is a very gifted and genuine healer.

J.O. Newtown, Australia.

I met Kathryn about five years ago when life was going downhill.  Working with her, gaining her insights and having healings has seen a remarkable change in both myself and my life.  My quality of life has improved and my relationships with others have improved out of sight.  As a reader, I know I need to continue to develop myself and whenever I need to, I visit Kathryn to keep myself on track, or further breakdown the limiting beliefs which hold me back.  I am extremely fortunate to have such a grounded healer like Kathryn.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

T.P. Leichhardt, Australia.

I was referred to Kathryn Elliot by my naturopath for what I have come to realize is post traumatic stress disorder.  It was a shock for me to have to address issues I thought I had dealt with, only to realize they were suppressed.  Thanks to Kathryn with her medical, naturopathic, and especially her deeper healing skills, I was blessed to find someone I could trust to help me understand and heal a deep psychological wound – a great relief that I was not losing my mind.  I feel grateful and privileged to have met such an empathic and skilled healer.

V.O. Lakehaven, Australia.