“Whenever life becomes too busy and overwhelming I know I can go and see Kathryn to lift the burdens with a healing.” M.C. Berowra… more testimonials >


A healing is a fantastic way to alleviate feeling:

  • stressed,
  • stuck
  • overwhelmed.

They are an energy process that accelerates growth, healing and transformation on all levels.  Spiritual and energy healings always include  clearing, balancing and aligning all the chakras and subtle bodies.  This results in:

  • clarity
  • harmony
  • increased vitality  and wellbeing

People often comment on how  much lighter they feel.

Intuitive healings also provide a clear pathway into the unconscious revealing the internal dynamics which are part of the core issue patterning that is causing your present difficulties.  By working with your energy field and your unconscious mind effective long term change can be facilitated.

Whether you are just feeling stuck, stressed and overwhelmed, or there are deeper issues to be addressed a healing can benefit you.


This type of consultation incorporates a combination of intuitive reading, counselling, spiritual and energy healing that will hasten and enhance your healing and transformation.

Your holistic healing session can be utilized once, occasionally or as the need arises.

These consultations can also be part of a longer term therapeutic process that will give you a deep understanding of:

  • your mind and how it works
  • your unconscious beliefs and behavior patterns
  • how you create your reality
  • This knowledge will facilitate profound personal transformation.

An average healing takes one and a half hours.  Fee: AU$100 per hour

Contact Us if you would like to know more about healing or to make a booking.

“Working with Kathryn, gaining her insights and having healings has seen a remarkable change in both myself and my life…I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone”.  T.P. Leichardt… more testimonials >