“The insights and intuitive visions she offers into the human heart, the mind and the human psyche are extraordinary…. If you seek a deeper understanding of yourself, an overview of your life or just an answer to a troubling question then I would recommend Kathryn in a heartbeat.”  K.S. Gosford…. more testimonials >


General Intuitive

This type of reading is designed to deal with specific questions and their resolution.  Any subject, issue or problem can be addressed.

Medical Intuitive

Your reading will examine what is causing and maintaining your problem, issue or illness.   You can receive a general overview of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual factors involved or you may choose to go into more detail

Core Issues

This is a therapeutic type of reading that will reveal your core beliefs and associated issues and dynamics.  It will explain a system to work with in order to create a basis to move forward on.

It is the beginning of a guided pathway into how you create your reality and how to change this.  You will learn about your unconscious reality and how this creates your conscious reality.

You will gain insight, information, direction and practical tools that will empower you and facilitate long-term transformation.

Body scan

Your reading will focus on one part of the body or on a specific physical disorder or symptoms in order to understand what physical factors are causing or contributing to the problem.

This is often part of a more comprehensive reading that is addressing the various levels involved in a physical disorder.  It is most suited to people who have already had conventional medical and/or complimentary treatment but are still not progressing.

Psychic medium

Connection with those who have passed over often occurs spontaneously in a reading or healing session.  Contact can also be requested and whilst this usually occurs it is not guaranteed.

Psychic profiling

A frequently requested technique especially by those with personal relationship or business enquiries. Read more >

The minimum  time for a reading is 30 minutes.  Fee: AU$120 per hour.

Contact us if you would like further information or to make a booking.

“I have found her readings insightful, accurate and…. Her healings are nurturing, very powerful and effective…. She is a very gifted and genuine healer.”  J.O. Newtown…. more testimonials >