Please ensure you have read and understood the following disclaimer before contacting Kathryn Elliot.  All enquiries are most welcome. 


Kathryn Elliot is not a medical doctor and claims no formal training in psychology or medicine.  Her background is as a qualified Naturopath, Homeopath and Registered Nurse, however for the purpose of any consultations with Kathryn Elliot all her training has been gained through meditation and contact with her spiritual guidance.

If you are seeking medical advice then you must consult a conventional medical practitioner.  If you are seeking a Naturopathic or Homeopathic consultation then you must seek a practicing Naturopath or Homeopath.

The service provided by Kathryn Elliot includes intuitive information only.  It is the individuals responsibility to use their free will and judgement to determine the choices they make in relation to this intuitive information.

Consultation fees with Kathryn Elliot are not claimable with any health fund.

Kathryn Elliot does not accept any assumed responsibility whatsoever for choices or actions made by other persons.  Any referral to another person, product or company is done without endorsement.