Kathryn is an exceptionally gifted intuitive therapist with over 35 years experience in the health and healing fields.  She is a spiritual and energy healer, medical intuitive, spiritual counsellor, psychic, medium and intuitive profiler.  Her background as a Naturopath, Homeopath and Registered Nurse enhances and grounds her work as a psychic and intuitive healer.

Kathryn qualified as a registered nurse and worked in a wide variety of areas.  She also completed a four year full-time course in natural medicine specializing in Naturopathy and Homeopathy.  She then went on to establish a successful clinical practice.

Kathryn has conducted workshops, meditation and development classes and is also a third level reiki initiate.  She has also completed the e.a.s.e., programme and a three stage energetic healing course with Qala Sri’ama of the Alchimie de Lumiere.

Kathryn has been passionately interested in health, psychology, transformation and spirituality for many years.  She began exploring yoga, meditation and various self development ideas in her teens.  Despite having all of these interests she also felt bound by rigid, self-defeating behaviours.  This left her feeling unhappy, dissatisfied and unable to achieve her potential.

In order to fully embrace her path she realized she had to change at a fundamental level.  She began a deep journey of surrender to her higher self, focusing on her own healing and transformation.  On this journey she was fully and clearly directed by her spiritual guidance.

Having always been highly intuitive and empathic, her abilities dramatically deepened and expanded.  Under the instruction of her guidance she was shown how to work with the many levels of the human energy field.  She was also taken deeply within her own mind and shown how she constructed her reality and how she could change this.

During this time people began seeking her assistance which led to her working exclusively as a spiritual and energy healer, medical intuitive, medium, spiritual counsellor, psychic and intuitive profiler.

Over the past eighteen years Kathryn has provided direction and support to many people of all ages, including parents and children.  This support has enabled them to become aware of and change their self-limiting patterns.  These changes have led to significantly improved lives.

Kathryn is a highly effective practitioner because of her formal and esoteric studies, many years of intensive focus on developing her intuitive abilities and a deep commitment to her own process of transformation.  Her years of clinical experience have resulted in her being able to work with her clients in a grounded and practical way at whatever level is appropriate to their needs.

Kathryn’s focus is on guiding and empowering her clients in a compassionate and non-judgemental environment that promotes healing and transformation.